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Mondaq Fintech Webinar 🎥

It was great to take part in a fintech webinar held in conjunction with Mondaq. The session was moderated by Dr Andrew J. Zammit where I took part as one of the key professionals in the fintech industry together with Mr Sandro Bianco managing director at eToro Money Europe.

The webinar discussed how Malta can create a competitive environment for fintech businesses, particularly when it comes to coping with legislative changes. It analysed developing market trends as well as the challenges and opportunities related with fintech innovation.

Malta has established itself as a favorable location for fintech firms. Due to its open regulatory framework, it has become a thriving industry, with a number of innovative companies operating in the e-money and payment services field. This expanding industry brings with it a plethora of possibilities, challenges, regulatory and security advancements, and trends.

This event brought together key players in the fintech sector to discuss how Malta can provide a competitive environment for fintech companies, especially when addressing the challenges that may arise when dealing with regulatory changes. It identified emerging trends in the market, and the risks and opportunities associated with the fintech innovation.

This session covered some really interesting areas and I hope to find time to write a blog about it some particulary interesting areas of development in fintech happening at the moment. Below is a resume of what we covered

1.   Regulatory environment in Malta

2. Challenges and Opportunities for Fintechs

3. Vision for the future evolution of payments

4. Fintech vision for Malta as an International Fintech Hub

5. MiCA (Market in crypto assets)

6. PSD3 update and wishlists

7. DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act)

8. The role of blockchain / smart contracts within the payment services industry

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